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  • Sound level measurement
  • Frequency analysis
  • Signal recording
  • Human vibration measurement
  • Pass-by noise measurement
  • Building acoustics
  • Machine vibration measurement
  • Modal analysis
  • Order tracking analysis
  • Operational vibration analysis
Soundbook™, our universal portable measuring system for acoustic, vibration and engineering measurements in general, is now available in its 2nd generation on the basis of the innovative Apollo platform.
The powerful 24-bit A/D converters in combination with the innovative Apollo filter processors provide many channels with high precision and bandwidth. Naturally, Soundbook_MK2 also uses the robust Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 as its basis.
The Soundbook allows you to work practically everywhere - in the office as well as outdoors. Neither heat, cold, rain, dust nor heavy mechanical shocks have an impact on the device. Having a weight of only 3 kilograms, a robust magnesium alloy exterior, a convertible bright TFT display, a moderate power consumption and many interfaces, the Soundbook unites the performance of a high-quality measuring device with the possibilities of a PC. According to your demands you may choose from variants with 2, 4 or 8 measuring channels and with LEMO7 or BNC input connectors.
The Soundbook is particularly suitable for:
  • Industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
Overview of Soundbook_MK2 Versions
VersionOrder No.Main Inputs
Soundbook_MK2_2L 908000.3 2x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_4L 908001.1 4x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_8L 908002.8 8x LEMO7
Soundbook_MK2_4B 908005.2 4x BNC
Soundbook_MK2_8B 908006.0 8x BNC

Alternatively we offer the Apollo_box with 4 input channels for operation with a Windows PC and USB 2.0 interface, or as a channel expansion for the Soundbook_MK2.

Where not otherwise stated, the following technical data refer to the 8-channel versions Soundbook_MK2_8L (LEMO7) and Soundbook_MK2_8B (BNC).

Basis device: Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (see also the Toughbook website for further details)
Construction Magnesium case with IP54 protection rating
Processor IntelTM Core i5 2.6 GHz
Display High brightness TFT 10.4" 1024 x 768 touchscreen, ambient light sensor (up to 500 cd/m² transmittive and 6.500 cd/m² reflective brightness, depending on lighting conditions)
Storage medium HDD 500 GByte with heating / shock protection, SSD optional
Interfaces 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, LAN, WLAN, Modem RJ-11, PC-Card Type II, VGA, Bluetooth, SD-Card, Firewire, ExpressCard 34/54, SD/SDXC
Operating system Windows 7 multilingual

Soundbook_MK2 Technical Data
Input channels 1-2/4/8
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC...40 kHz @ 8 channels (80 kHz optional)
Dynamic range 120 dB
Random noise < 1 μV(A), < 2μV(Z) @ 0.1 Hz ... 40 kHz
Sample rates 51.2 kHz / 102.4 kHz (204.8 kHz optional)
Decimation down to 200 Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Anti-aliasing filter yes
Max. input voltage ± 10 Vpeak
Amplification 0 dB, 20 dB
Overload detection yes
Phase mismatch < 0.1° @ 20 Hz ... 20 kHz
Offset adjust yes, automatically with self-calibration
Input coupling DC, AC 0.15 Hz, HP 1 Hz, HP 10 Hz, LP 2 kHz
Microphone power supply ± 14 V, + 20 / 63 / 200 V switchable (with BNC versions on AUX)
ICP power supply 2 / 4 mA switchable
Cable error detection yes, with ICP sensors
Support of IEEE1451.4 yes
AUX channels
Digital input 2x TTL
Digital output 2x TTL
Microphone power supply ± 14 V, + 20 / 63 / 200 V switchable
Slow channels 1-8
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC ... 200 Hz @ 8 channels
Input voltage range -25 V ... +25 V
Output channels 1-2
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time Bandwidth DC ... 20 / 40 / 80 kHz
Max. output voltage ± 3.16 Vpeak
Service channels
Trigger 2x Trigger / Tacho, trigger level settable via software
Synchronization Sample-synchronous synchronization on external clock (e.g. GPS 1 Hz)
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 280mm x 220mm x 65mm
Weight 3100 g
Battery Lithium ion battery pack, capacity 4 h measurement
External power supply 100 ... 240 VAC or 10 ... 36 VDC with adapters
Environmental conditions
Protection rating IP 54
Shock resistance according to MIL-STD 810F
Humidity 30 % ... 90 %
Temperature range -10 °C ... +50 °C
Storage conditions -20 °C ... +60 °C, max. 95 % humidity
Emission conforming with EN50081-1
Immission conforming with EN50082-1